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How To Make Video Content More Interesting?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Video content is one of the go-to methods to capture the attention and interest of your audience. The dynamic flow in video shots provides a simple and alluring entertainment medium, unlike reading an article.

Authenticity is a core pillar in what gives video content a more interesting & engaging feel. Viewers can intuitively sense when your content is too scripted & may cause them to quickly click off of your video. Genuinely connect with your audience by exposing real stories to increase your credibility.

However, other factors can improve your cinematography. Appealing visuals, eye-catching camera shots, and sound editing can help your video stand out from the rest.

What Makes An Effective Video?

A compelling video should be able to communicate your authenticity, genuineness, and kindness to your audience.

Your videos shouldn’t feel too forceful nor appear too promotional because doing so can make you quickly lose trust with your viewers.

Most people won’t stick around to watch a video that’s only focused on the product and only the product.

If you can make your video trigger a powerful range of emotions from your audience, mixed with great storytelling, your video is more likely to stand out from competitor videos.

Storytelling is at the core of engaging and compelling videos.

The story you’re telling your audience can benefit from being relatable to the average person you’re targeting, which could include something to trigger a pleasant memory or empathy.

Your video should explain what’s unique about your brand and what sets you apart from others.

To achieve this, start with the fundamental strategy of outlining the broad story your video will tell.

Your strategy may also include your goals and how you will touch the critical aspects of your outcome.

For example, to demonstrate the credibility of your brand, a live testimonial from a loyal customer can be a practical approach.

Combining authenticity with sound video strategies, you are more likely to achieve results and a higher Return Of Investment (ROI).

What Is The Most Important Quality Of A Good Promotional Video?

While there are several points to tackle when making a video, a critical aspect begins with communicating your brand’s authenticity.

Having a fantastic first impression of your audience should be one of the primary areas to focus on.

If you can capture your audience’s attention, you’ve essentially won half of the battle.

Being authentic and transparently sharing the brand’s values will help boost your audience’s trust in your company.

Moreover, your video can benefit by getting straight to the point and cutting out unnecessary fluff that doesn’t add much value to the conversation.

According to Conversion Sciences, the optimal length of your video should be around two minutes.

Any longer than two minutes, and you’ll begin to observe a steep drop off in viewers.

Other features that make for a quality video is to invest more in the actual production quality of your video.

A poorly crafted promotional video might not capture and hold the attention of your potential customers, even if you follow the two-minute rule.

Moreover, your audience may even associate lousy service from your company with a low-quality video.

While you do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money on making your video, accommodating a slightly larger budget to the production can be a wise investment in the future of your brand.

What Is An Authentic Video?

An authentic video is one that can express your passion, genuineness, and specialized knowledge.

This can be translated into your brand by sharing your core values and passion for your products.

Opening up and sharing your authenticity with your potential audience can captivate the necessary elements of authenticity and genuine enthusiasm.

A genuine video is more likely to trigger engagement due to the trust you’re building by putting yourself out there.

How Can I Be More Authentic On A Video?

To make your brand videos more authentic, start by opening up a little bit, being more personal and vulnerable, as a company, to your customers.

Many promotional videos focus on being sterile and perfect, such as having a perfect script, ideal camera shots, and perfect music for editing.

Being too scripted can be perceived as overly commercial and could cause you not to connect with your audience.

Some technical jargon can be okay, however, your audience fundamentally wants to know there are actual humans working for your company.

People prefer supporting a company that shows emotional traits such as kindness, empathy, and unity.

Your body language also plays a significant role in the authenticity of your video promotions.

According to the famous Psychology Professor Albert Mehrabian, the actual words you use to communicate account for 7% of your communication.

In his study, the findings show that your body language consists of 55% and tone of voice involves 38% of communication.

To boost authenticity in your videos, pay close attention to your body language and aim to have it highlight and emphasize the actual words you use.

How Do I Make My Video Content Authentic?

To make your content more authentic, you should first assess who your targeted customers are.

It should be less about your brand and more about your audience’s interests, challenges, and motivations.

By only promoting your products and services, you may lose your audience’s attention after the first 30 seconds or less.

When you focus the heart of your message on your target audience, it can help improve the authentic nature and help build trust while potentially becoming a loyal customer.

Essentially, to make your videos more authentic, you need to show more empathy towards your audience while you make an effort to connect and capture their attention right away.

Your content should bring relevant value to their situation and should answer critical questions that trigger their interest.

Moreover, your video should quickly communicate that your company has their best interest at the forefront of their heart and mind.

Having a personal and individual perspective on your products and services can help your customers relate more quickly to your content.

How Do You Make Authentic Social Media Content?

To make your social media presence more authentic, your brand should be more personal with the public.

You can start by posting pictures of the people working behind the scenes of the company.

This is an excellent strategy for your followers to build interactions and make your brand more familiar.

Also, sharing your ups and downs with your public will showcase your transparency.

Customers are typically seeking transparent brands they can trust on their social media feeds.

Final Thoughts About Authenticity In Your Brand Videos

By showing a touch of authentic human vulnerability, your target audience is more likely to engage with your content.

You can also tag some of your most loyal raving fan customers in social media posts and also share relevant posts on your account.

By sharing the stories of your loyal customers, your company can reach a higher level of engagement and closer relationships with your clients.

To chat more about authentic video branding, contact us today!

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