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Reels Marketing Strategy – How Do You Make A Successful Reel?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms taken advantage of in marketing, with one of the newer features, known as Reels, is an increasingly trending tool marketers are exploring.

A successful Instagram Reel marketing strategy involves following trends, one focused topic per reel, hashtags, hooks, text, regular publication, and more. To increase your potential engagements, you can display your product, include giveaways, discounts, and step-by-step how-to tutorials.

While making a reel may seem daunting, you can more easily master the skill by following a handful of best practices.

What Are Reels In Social Media?

When you browse through the popular social media app TikTok, your only experience is short video clips.

Short videos clips are known as reels and typically run 15 to 60 seconds, depending on what the platform decides for future updates.

Reels allow users to capture videos and then overlay them with music, filters, and effects.

Although you may find yourself not having the time or interest to watch full-length videos on social media and want to scroll as much as possible to stay up to date on the newest trends, reels are a novel way to quickly capture users’ attention.

Reels are mostly used for entertainment and, more recently, as a successful marketing tool.

With Instagram’s latest updates, marketers can now take advantage of reels in Instagram to utilize as another method to extend your reach to growing audiences.

How Do You Make A Successful Reel?

Customer preferences are in a consistent state of change, with Reels quickly gaining traction and becoming a new go-to source for consuming content.

With the rapid growth of Reels, it can become increasingly more challenging to stand out among larger audience.

There are several strategies you can implement to ensure your reels are used efficiently and that they work to your advantage.

1. Add A hook

Stand out in a recognizably unique way to capture attention within the first few seconds.

With the popularity of reels rapidly increasing, standing out from your competition is critical in making a successful reel achieve an effective amount of engaging views.

2. One Topic At A Time

Algorithms are designed to show posts to audiences who’ve already expressed interest in your topic.

Quickly capture your audience’s attention by closely maintaining a relevant message to audiences already seeking your topic.

3. Follow Trends

Staying up-to-date on viral information in your niche to maintain a pulse on what’s trending within your space.

Participating and adding trending songs or challenges can be a potential element to consider if it makes sense for your niche topics.

4. Audience Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are consolidated lists of all public published content using the same hashtag.

Target your audience by discovering what hashtags they regularly use and then consistently publish content while adding relevant hashtags to enter the conversations where your audience is already active and chatting.

5. Add Text

The vast majority of Instagram users keep the sound turned off while they watch videos or reels.

Include a call to action or useful caption to help your audience quickly understand what your video is about.

How Do Instagram Reels Work For Marketing?

Building your brand on Instagram begins with constantly publishing and testing what content and topics will reach the widest audience that will engage with your message.

Start with a primary goal of building your audience while focusing on authenticity and genuine engagement.

HubSpot details several new features reels to include more editing tools directly in the app, easy attributions, shareability, and more.

While there’s not currently a specific feature for ads, however, brands will still show up in the public Explore.

The upgrade to Reels provides a dedicated way to share and explore brief clips that can often be beneficial if you are aiming for short advertisements.

By tapping the reel at the top of the screen, users may access the infinite reel feed from the Explore Page.

It’s important, as a marketer, to use the proper hashtags and topics if you want to reach a specific audience.

You may also share them with your followers on Feed and on your stories or highlights and make them accessible through a new place in the Explore page for the larger Instagram community.

Reels in Explore gives a worldwide opportunity to reach new viewers and drive traffic to your page.

Depending on how creative and thoroughly you continue cultivating your target audience can determine how your business can still utilize Reels in your marketing strategy.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Marketing?

The Social Media Examiner takes a deep dive in exploring how to specifically use and take full advantage of all the new features Instagram includes in their new Reels technology.

Once you’ve mastered the basics or hired a marketing company to create your Reels, you can leverage Instagram Reels newest features to develop your brand.

To effectively use Instagram’s Reels, aim to start by informing your followers, displaying your business’s style and beliefs, and spotlighting what sets your products or services apart from your rivals.

1. Display Your Products, Services, & Testimonials

Reels are ideal for making mini-commercials to highlight the best parts of what will benefit your audience most.

Quickly capture your audience’s interest by showing your audience how you can do better than your competitors.

2. Take The Stage

Instagram Reels is a wonderful way to emphasize the personal side of your business, akin to stories.

You can give your audience a “behind the scenes” by talking about your employees or sharing your story on what a typical workday might look like.

3. Tutorial & How-To

When it comes to media consumption, the limited length of Reels can be utilized to quickly educate potential customers on common critical pain points you can solve.

Short clipped how-tos and lessons through reels are not only entertaining but also keep viewers engaged.

4. Promote A Contest Or Giveaway

Instagram competitions and donations can be a successful approach to encourage engagement from your followers.

Holding a contest just for Reels encourages your audience to follow future postings while they eagerly anticipate what you have to offer next.

How Many Reels Should I Post In A Day?

Each audience will respond differently to how many Reels they receive from your brand.

Several sources recommend you start by publishing 5-7 Reels per week, however, what will end up yielding the best results for your target audience will be revealed in the stats after you’ve been publishing content consistently.

Even though posting too often can drive your audience away, it can be a good idea to publish at least one reel a day initially to establish a community and a presence on social media.

Frequent publishing, at strategic intervals when your audience is active, can increase your opportunity to reach larger audiences.

Why Do People Use Reels On Instagram?

Reels are Instagram’s new trend, which offers more benefits than stories.

Short 15-second films are certainly amusing, lively, and often educational.

If you create content or are a business marketeer, reels provide additional visibility through various hashtag feeds so that you may expand your following, views, and customers.

You can use it not only to display your goods and provide tutorials but also to increase advertising via retargeting.

Since you can readily share them both on your story and your grid, you can reach a broader audience quickly.

Final Thoughts On Using Reels In Marketing

As a viewer, Reels are an excellent method to stay up with trends with short videos of your preference via its well-conceived redirection mechanism.

By publishing reels at regular intervals, utilizing best practices for maximizing reach and effectiveness, you’ll better build your loyal audience and increase engagements towards the call to action you want your prospects to take.

Contact us to start a conversation about how you can start taking full advantage of using Instagram Reels for your business.

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