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What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing? Engagement, Conversion, Etc

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

With more consumers demanding original video content, video marketers are becoming aware of the vast potential for utilizing consumer video demands in their future advertisements.

Video marketing shows higher engagement & conversion rates than nearly every other type of marketing. As video technology continues advancing, more users tend to prefer video marketing to other types of ads. Video ads are more digestible, easier to remember & satisfy dynamic consumer interest.

Let’s dive in below and take a look at some of the specifics on why video marketing is rapidly rising and the evolving technology for the future of video marketing.

Why Is Video Good For Business?

As video marketing continues to become the dominant and preferred form of consuming media, more businesses are taking a serious look at how they can better take advantage of video.

A solid video produced with your customers (target audience) in mind helps better identify your business, as well as making your brand more relatable.

By publishing quality video content, your audience is better equipped to see and feel the authentic aspects of the nature of your business, products, and services.

Fundamentally, people like buying from actual people and when you’re able to reach out and connect with your audience, the way they prefer to be reached, helps facilitate a smooth experience for everyone involved in the buying decision.

With technology continuing to get better in every way (sharing, quality, engagement, etc.), users are finding video marketing to be a convenient avenue for exploring their journey toward investing in your brand.

Video marketing is not only efficient for your audience, it’s also easier to create a more attractive and versatile presence in your industry to better help you distinguish your brand from competitors in the same space.

What Are The Types Of Video Marketing?

With video marketing continuing to surge in popularity among consumers and business owners, new and unique innovations are becoming available as a preferred theme in how consumers like to receive your advertisements.

Depending on your specific industry, different types of video marketing might be more suitable than others.

Your well-defined outcome, strong direction, and clear company message will further help you determine what’s the most appropriate video format you’ll need to maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns.

Common types of video marketing include.

  • Educational (tutorials)

  • Industry updates

  • Explainer

  • Company culture

  • Events

  • Brand

  • Product demo

  • Product launch

  • Customer testimonial

  • Employee testimonial

  • Behind the scenes

  • 15 – 30 second commercials

  • Interview (Q&A)

  • Webinar

  • Presentation

  • Product review

  • Live streaming

  • User generated content

  • Contests

While the short list above only represents the broad strokes of all the potential different types of video available, with new technologies and trending social media platforms, newer types of video marketing will continue to become available to explore.

What Is The Future Of Video Marketing?

The future of video marketing is bright and full of ongoing innovation that continuously is aiming at adapting to the dynamic requirements of your customers.

The future technology of video marketing includes.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Short-form (6 seconds)

  • Interactive

  • Virtual reality

  • More personalized

  • Drone footage

Even though it can be challenging to predict how the market demands with shift, the above list of future video technology has a firm foundation in where customers are beginning to spend more time.

Does Video Increase Engagement?

According to numerous sources and research, video marketing drastically increases the frequency consumers interact with your brand.

Published on the Social Media Today website, video marketing continues to maintain its status for driving more engagements than nearly every other advertising or social option.

Across numerous popular social media platforms, if your posting has video, the statistical averages reveal you’re more likely to receive a massive increase in engagement than if you didn’t have any video.

When you do all the right things in video marketing, your potential engagement, views, and responses can be significantly improved.

Video marketing trends are showing how quickly video marketing is growing, due to consumers finding videos are more digestible and must more simple to remember.

As the number of users spending time watching online video every week (and every day) keeps increasing, more potential for customer engagement also increases.

Does Video Convert More Than Any Other Type Of Content?

Published on Forbes shows how videos have the potential of increasing your conversions rates by up to 80% or more for videos embedded on a landing page.

Furthermore, Forbes highlights marketing reports showing how 39% of decision-makers reach out to a vendor once they’ve watched a brand video.

Other estimates show that 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile device will share the video with others.

To sum up the generalization of how video performs among other forms of marketing, over video is shared more than 1,200% than either link ads and text ads combined.

HubSpot echos Forbes showing how most consumers desire to have more video marketing as their preferred method of receiving advertisements.

When done right, video marketing has massive potential for increasing the conversion rate over any other type of content.

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